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One of the reasons why so many business owners struggle with their business growth, is they’re simply trying to do everything themselves. It’s understandable, as often they feel that as they work alone, they need to – well, work alone! But if you want your business to grow, that inevitably means you need to learn how to let go a little and what better way to do this, than looking at what you can outsource to a VA.

There are so many tasks a virtual assistant can do for you. There’s a common misconception that a VA only works with larger companies – and that couldn’t be further from the truth. VAs often prefer working with small and start-up businesses, as they can bring more value and be of greater help to them.

So if you’re wondering what exactly they can do for you, here’s a starter list of 10 tasks you could outsource.

#1: Email management

There’s a lot a VA can do, to help you tame your emails. From filtering, prioritising and tidying up, through to managing spam, they can help you clear that inbox – implementing strategies to help you aim for the impossible ‘Inbox Zero’! And when it comes to email marketing, a VA can create and schedule your automated email sequences and manage your subscriber list.

#2: Customer service

Looking after your customers isn’t a one-time done thing. There’s inevitably going to be customer follow up needed, as well as reminder emails and dealing with queries – all things a VA can help you manage.

#3: Research

Research plays a big part in your business. A VA can free you from these time-heavy tasks by carrying out your research for you, including your SEO keyword and competitors, as well as your clients, products and potential candidates.

#4: Calendar management

Where would you be, without your calendar? But where could you be, if it was managed by a professional! VAs are adept at organising your calendar, appointments and the numerous meetings you need to remember to attend.

#5: File management

File management is something you can easily outsource to a VA. They can help you get your files within Dropbox, OneDrive or GSuite organised, keep your data entry up to date and manage those annoying file conversions that you’re inevitably asked for, just when your focus is needed elsewhere.

#6: Social media

A VA can easily help you with your social media. Not only can they help set up your social media accounts, they can also manage, promote and schedule to them, on your behalf.

#7: Travel and event management

Travel and event management can take up a huge chunk of your working week. If you want help setting up your travel arrangements, researching venues for your next event, or managing the entire thing, outsource it to a VA.

#8: Meeting coordination and management

When it comes to meetings, a VA can do so much for you, including organising and liaising with attendees, sending out invites and managing RSVPs, preparing presentations and preparing, taking and distributing meeting minutes.

#9: Basic website and blog management

Outsource your basic website and blog management to a VA. They’re great at monitoring blog comments, publishing your online blogs and newsletters and scheduling your online posts.

#10: Report and presentations

Reports and presentations take so much time to create. There’s the creation, formatting, amending and distribution to take into account. But you don’t have to do any of this, if you outsource to a VA.

If you’re thinking of outsourcing any of these tasks to a VA and would like to explore your options, why not get in touch for a no obligation discovery call withGreen Tree Virtual PA Services?

Let’s have an informal chat and see what solutions are available to you!

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