Top 10 Tips - how to get your business organised!

Here are my top ten tips to help you hit the ground running and get your business organised, so you can increase your chances of doing everything on your to do list and keep on track with those goals you set for 2020. [And if you want an idea of how a VA can help take some of your tasks off your plate, check out this recent blog post on 10 things you can outsource to a VA!

#1: Know your goals and plans

Write them down and then pick 3 to focus on. It’s far better to focus on a few, than trying to juggle many.

#2: Prioritise everything

If you want to organise your business now what’s important and where your focus needs to be. By prioritising your tasks you’ll ensure you’re working on the right task, at the right time – and ensuring you’re finishing it within the deadline you have.

#3: Manage your time

It’s critical that you know where your time is being spent. Only then can you see how long each task takes you and where you’re wasting time or managing tasks that are not worthy of your focus – you can then have a plan in place to outsource those time suckers.

#4: Use a calendar or diary

It’ll make getting your business organised so much easier – and won’t have to remember everything! Plus, if you don’t write down appointments and important tasks, you’re going to let things slip through the cracks.

#5: Schedule what you can

Social media, automated email sequences, onboarding sequences – they’re all things you can easily schedule in advance (or pass over to someone else to schedule for you).

#6: Take control of your finances if you want to get your business organised

You need to have a handle on your business finances, if you want to have an organised business. Know what you’re spending and what your budget is, at all times.

#7: Keep your workspace clean and clear

This will help you feel less stressed and more organised – and it opens up your creativity too.

#8: Set aside a regular time each week for admin and filing

If you fail to keep up with your office admin and filing, you’re going to get buried by it. You’ll also run the risk of losing important documents and wasting time searching for things – so schedule this essential task into your week.

#9: Get your passwords and online storage sorted

Use a password management software such as LastPass for your password storage, as it makes it easier and faster to log into those sites you use frequently. And talking of ease and speed – get your online storage sites up and running, it’ll make it easier to pick up where you left off, no matter what device you’re working from.

#10: Tame your inbox

You’re going to get stressed and overwhelmed, if your inbox is drowning in unopened emails. Not to mention the risk of missing out on potential new clients and lost opportunities. If you can’t take the time to tame your inbox yourself, look to outsource it to a VA.

And if you’d like help getting your business organised, why not get in touch? Green Tree Virtual PA Services are here to help business owners like you, to get organised, reduce the workload on your plate and grow your business successfully – so why not book in a call? We can explore how we can help you achieve what you want in business, with more organisation and less stress!

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